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Monday, 26 December 2011

Top ten baby products

You buy and are given a lot of stuff for the baby which is maybe fun but not really necessary or useful. However, these ten products (in no particular order) I have used/referred to almost daily and they have certainly mad life in the first couple of months a lot easier:

(1) Baby Bj√∂rn Baby Carrier ( - The first couple of weeks, this was the only place where the Baby would sleep in the early evenings. Still now, she loves being carried around in this (now outward facing). It is great on public transport and when travelling.

(2) Play Mat ( - The Baby can spend hours playing on her play mat, giving me time to have a shower, cook etc.

(3) Stokke High Chair with Newborn Set ( - The Baby loves sitting in this chair and having breakfast with us.

(4) Sleep Sheep - see my post on this:

(5) Baby Bjoern Bouncer ( - The Baby loves watching me drying my hair, cooking etc. from this bouncer.

(6) Bibi Dummies - see my post on this:

(7) Weleda Baby Shampoo and Creams ( - These natural and organic products are great for the bath and afterwards. Weleda also does a great stretch mark massage oil.

(8) Adan & Anais Swaddles - see my post on this:

(9) Baby Bath - The Baby loves her bath time. So far I have been using the Flexibath baby bath (which is foldable and therefore easily storeable) ( at home and the Beaba folding baby bath ( when travelling. However, the Baby is starting to outgrow them. Following a friend's suggestion, I have therefore ordered the Aqua Pod ( which seems perfect for the next stage - giving the Baby the necessary support without restraining her too much. Review to follow...

(10) Gina Ford's Contended Little Baby Book - Having a routine has saved me from going insane!

    Thursday, 22 December 2011

    Clutch for Christmas/New Year's Eve Party

    Still keen on the star trend, this is my Christmas/New Year's Eve party clutch:

    I got it from Asos ( Another good site to check out if you are looking for a festive clutch is Wilbur & Gussie (

    Wednesday, 21 December 2011

    Baby monitors

    I have got the BT Baby Monitor Pacifier ( which does a light show and plays various lullabies which is great for using at home. However, its not really ideal for travelling.

    Monday, 19 December 2011

    Bugaboo Snow Wheels

    We are off to the Swiss Alps in a couple of days. I have therefore snow-proofed my Bugaboo with these snow wheels:

    They replace the small front wheels of the Bugaboo Cameleon, turning it into a real 4WD! They are available on the Bugaboo website ( but I got mine from Lesters Nurseryworld ( who delivered them within 2 days.

    Tuesday, 13 December 2011

    Baby SPA

    If you are looking for some cute photos of your baby paddling away on her own in a swimming pool, book a place at the Baby SPA off Kensington High Street ( On our visit, the Baby was put into a swimming nappy and fitted a purple ploystyrene ring around her neck. She was then lowered into a very warm big bath tub with her parents watching proudly from the side. As evidenced by her happy gurgling, she absolutely loved being able to paddle around on her own and check out the funny plastic toys which were floating in the tub. Following the bath, the Baby was given a full body massage which she again clearly enjoyed. The water flotation and the massage are apparently very beneficial for little babies. In any event, whether or not this is true, the babies seem to have fun and the parents get a great photo opportunity!

    Sunday, 11 December 2011

    Baby bundler - easy night time nappy changes

    Main Image

    This (unisex) baby bundler has made night time nappy changes so much easier! I only very recently discovered it because a friend of mine told me about it but I wish I had had it right from the beginning. The elasticated opening at the bottom avoids having to fiddle with millions of buttons - which is particularly tricky when the baby is not in the mood for nappy changing and kicks her legs like crazy. Basic white ones are available from John Lewis ( If you are looking for ones with a cute pattern, check out Frugi (

    Wednesday, 7 December 2011

    Richard Juhlin Champagne Glasses

    A Swedish friend of mine has just started importing Champagne glasses designed by Champagne expert Richard Juhlin into the UK ( Having tasted to date 6,500 different Champagnes, he was in a pretty good position to design the perfect Champagne glass which is not just aesthetically pleasing but also ensures that the Champagne's aroma fully develops and hits the tongue in the right place. I had the chance of meeting Richard Juhlin personally and was so impressed by his glasses that I got my Swedish friend to bring a couple back with her from Sweden. With the glasses now being sold directly in England, getting your hands on these beautiful glasses has just become a lot easier!

    Tuesday, 6 December 2011

    Sheepskin cocoon (footmuff) for Bugaboo

    With the temperatures dropping, I was keen to get a warm cocoon for the Baby's Bugaboo. There are different models out there: Bugaboo's own cocoon which is made out of bamboo charcoal (which apparently is a eco-friendly and sustainable fibre extracted from wild bamboo) (, cocoons made out of down (see for example the one from 7 A.M. ENFANT ( and those made out of sheep skin. Sheep skin is what I ultimately went for as they just look so warm and snug! The German company Kaiser has a vast selection for the Bugaboo Cameleon as well as the Bugaboo Bee (available from Baa Baby ( as well as Amazon).