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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nursery - what do you need?

When I got pregnant, apart from the fact that there would have to be some kind of baby bed, I had no idea what you were supposed to put into a nursery...
It turns out that the best investment was a baby bed which is small and cosy enough for the newborn baby but can be extended as soon as necessary. This is particularly so in London, where storage space is generally rare. The Stokke Sleepi bed ( fulfills this requirement perfectly. Thanks to its expandable design, it allegedly fits the baby from birth to 10 years of age! Very useful, if storage space is short, is a combined chest of drawer/changing table. John Lewis has a good selection. For the first couple of months, it is useful to have some form of bed for yourself in the nursery (a chaise lounge/day bed is sufficient) so that you can sleep in the nursery or at least have somewhere comfortable to lie for the night feeds... Finally, a sealed nappy bin such as the one from Angelcare (available at Amazon and Boots) is a good idea to keep the nursery smelling nicely!

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