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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Chalet chic

I am currently working on my outfit for this skiing season. The fact that "chalet chic" seems to be the height of fashion helps. I already got the bubble hat...


Now I am looking for the perfect Nordic style jumper. I love Jil Sander's red and light blue Azure jumper ( but at over £1,000 it costs more than the ski pass for the week... Asos and Topshop have some much better priced alternatives. And I love the ones from Aubin & Wills (check

The Baby is also ready to hit the snow with these cute mini Ugg Boots:

and fury gloves from Silvana Ost, a Swiss designer (

I am still looking for a cute hat for her. Brora does very nice cashmere ones ( and mini Boden ( has some cute options:

I have not decided yet. Let me know if you find anything else warm and cute for the snow!

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