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Monday, 23 January 2012

Weaning accessories

The Baby is slowly developing an interest in the food I am offering her. She liked so far pear, parsnip and peas but more or less completely rejected sweet potato and carrot. It is a slow process... In the meantime, I got slightly obsessed with the different weaning accessories out there.

I love the Beaba silicone spoons ( They are very soft and therefore should not hurt the Baby's gum.

Beaba first spoons

Once the Baby can hold the spoon herself, I shall switch to the Beaba 360 degree spoon. It apparently makes sure that whichever way up the Baby holds her spoon, the food will stay level, minimising spilling and mess (see the review on Which? 


For freezing individual portions of the veg and fruit, I have been using the "Happy Mummy Baby Cubes Food Portioners (Stage 1)". They are available on Amazon.

Great for mixing and serving the food are the Beaba food containers (

Beaba Portions Set

Finally, being slightly fed up with having to change and wash the Baby's outfit after each feed, I have just ordered some Bibetta bibs which are made out of neoprene (i.e. waterproof and easy to wipe) and come with long sleeves (

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