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Monday, 14 May 2012


I have always been a big fan of black cabs (which I tend to refer to jokingly as the "black bus") but have become even more so since having a baby with pram in tow. There is no need for a car seat. You can simply push the pram into the cab, fix the break and off it goes. The only problem until recently was that very often when I wanted a black cab there was none to be found. This was until I had downloaded the Hailo app.
Developed by 3 London cabbies and 3 Internet entrepreneurs, it allows you to hail a black cab from wherever you are with just two tabs. The app shows you on a map where you are and how far away the next black cab is. In my experience there is usually one within five to ten minutes. You simply tab "Pick Me Up Here" and choose whether you will pay by cash or with your pre-registered card (particularly good if you often end up out and about late at night without any cash). The app tells you in how many minutes the cab will arrive and gives you the photo and phone number of your cabbie. The cab fare is whatever the meter says. There are no charges for paying by card. This app is not just amazing for Londoners but also really useful for tourists.

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